Monday, 8 February 2010

My first blog for my final project

You always like to think that you're particularly computer literate but I have to confess this is my first ever blog. It started because of my latest venture - a one year course at the Arts University College Bournemouth - where for my final project of the year I have to produce evidence of a reflective journal of how the piece progresses. So the idea is that everyone can keep up with how I'm getting on and hopefully help with my piece but all the ideas are at the very early stages and more news will follow shortly......


  1. One of the things that would be interesting to see is what controls when you post. Are you going to post when you need ideas or feedback, or post when you have the time to sit down or even post because you have to for the 'reflective journal'? In other word is the blog the cart or the horse?

  2. I've never done this before so it's a new experience for me too. Can't promise to be a frequent visitor but looking forward to following your diary.